• Career counseling


    Asia Pacific (Pvt.) Ltd. guides you through the maze of questions to find solutions best suited to your profile and / or parameters, ensuring you choose the best career path.


  • University selection


    Assistance to zero in on a University/College that best suits your personal, academic and financial profile/parameters.


  • Admission guidance


    Special attention is paid to your application and highlighting the areas essential for a well - presented, error - free application. We provide assistance for obtaining references and the all-important Statement of Purpose that most overseas institutions ask for.


  • Visa assistance


    We provide comprehensive assistance in obtaining the required visa - filling up application forms and also preparing and training you with mock interviews and much more. We regularly keep track of visa policies of different countries and have an extremely high success rate.


  • Accommodation assistance


    Our counselors would guide you with different types of accommodation, which fit, into your needs and budget.



  • Travel assistance


    We help you book flights well in advance, in order to ensure ideal departure dates, routes and discounts.


  • Airport pickup


    Asia Pacific (Pvt.) Ltd. is helping the students for arranging the airport pick-up as well as the initial accommodation.



  • Post arrival problem solving


    We remain constantly in touch with the Universities/Colleges we represent, in order to ensure that our students do not face any problems related to accommodation, course, etc. on arrival. We provide all initial support required by our students during their initial days in a new country when they are not adequately familiar with the atmosphere.


  • Services for International Institutes


    Asia Pacific (Pvt.) Ltd. has vast experience for recruiting local students to international institutes. Our systematic approach and professional attitude help international institutes to get quality students they need. We are experienced, responsive and dedicated to our job. Our success in local market speaks about what we are. We can provide a range of services to our partnerinstitutes.r.


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